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ATF: Armored Task Force

Armored Task Force
Price: US$29.95
Average Rating: 5
Availability: Immediate.

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ATF, while hyper-detailed (detailed enough to be in use by actual military organizations around the world) is easy enough to play that you won't need Pentagon clearance to try and understand it. New users will find the extensive manual well-written and helpful. This wargame simulation also includes enough user goodies, including numerous editors and import features, to keep you playing until 2020.
"Armored Task Force teaches players modern warfare as the military learns it." --Jim Cobb,

Air Assault Task Force

Air Assault Task Force
Price: US$39.95
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Air Assault Task Force by ProSIM Company firmly places you in the boots and saddles of the air cavalry, commanding forces across decades of helicopter operations. From battling Charlie in Vietnam, to skinnies in Somalia, to Islamfascism in Afghanistan, Air Assault Task Force covers the spectrum of heliborne operations of recent times.
"The game has a strong professional military pedigree, making it just as much a command simulation as it is a war game." --Larry Levandowski, Armchair General
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Air Assault Task Force
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