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There are two reasons we require you to have a Subsciption Account to place classified ads:

  1. Although there are free classified ads you can place, extended listing periods, HOT Offers, and Help Wanted classifieds require small fees to place.  Most of these charges are $3.00 or less.  Since we don't want to charge your credit card for $1.00 to $3.00 we have come up with a good system for handling these charges.  We use our Rewards Credits systems to pay for classified ads.  So you must have an account to place ads, since you don't earn Rewards Credits without an account.  Yes, you do earn Rewards Credits on our Free Premium account, but we don't allow free Premium Memebers to place ads either.  Which brings us to reason number two...
  2. We require you to have a Subscription Account to place classified ads in order to keep our classified listings free of spam.  Spam, by its very nature is a way for cheap people to get free advertising.  Spammers don't spend money on anything.  So, by allowing only Subscription Accounts to place classified listings we keep spammers off our classified boards.

We hope that helps you to understand why we require a subscription.

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