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winSPWW2 v.5.0 Reviews
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Found: 15
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Saxon (Guest)
Best game I've ever played - seriously!
If you like turn based wargaming, this game is for you.
Gamer (Guest)
Epic game!
Epic game! Super historical accuracy!
Great Game
Micro armor on your computer.

Great looks, detailed OOBs, easy interface and huge maps; what more can you want in a WW2 tactical game?
Gantowisa (Guest)
Great game!
The amount of details and customization is outstanding. Everything that one could possibly think of has been considered and dealt with.
Never in the history of wargaming has so much been done with so little by so few.
George Sedlak (Guest)
The best of the best.
Don't know where to begin, been wargaming for 50 years, this is the only game I play now. the great support for this game is just icing on the cake.
Jivemi (Guest)
Perhaps the best WWII tactical wargame extant.
Ever since Avalon Hill's Squad Leader, the concept of replaying the grim business of tactical combat--from the safety of an armchair, of course--from the mid-Twentieth Century has intrigued historical gamers looking for realism in a turn-based medium. This is about as good as it gets.
Anlubue (Guest)
Dieses Spiel wird immer auf meiner Festplatte sein!
(This Game will be forever on my HDD)
Demtrek (Guest)
Avalon Hills Squad Leader?
Nope, but similair and much better and 100 times easier to play.

Awesome features and realistic weapons and formations set by date if you wish.

Just about any country you can think of that played of major or even minor role in WW2.
m10bob (Guest)
An absolute "must-have" wargame!
Steel Panthers has been on my 'puters since the earliest version was released by SPI, and to date, it is still the ONLY regimental scale tactical wargame in existance covering every major combatant in the world.
Other firms carried the torch for a while and continued to support the game, but only Shrapnel (thru the Camo Workshop) has continued to make the improvements necessary to allow the game to run on current systems.
I have a Windows 7 platform, quad core, 4 gig ram 'CPU and have had no problems.
Wonderful improvements on this version include the ability to "back up"(not exposing your weak armor), and armor crews popping defensive smoke, which will save many a crew to fight another day, are only some of the more obvious improvements.
Much research has gone into making an accurate set of OOB's, and the game really portrays the combat enrionment of the day very well.
I am very grateful to both Shrapnel and the Camo Workshop for keeping this greatest of all tactical WW2 wargames not only alive, but still a major competitor on the gaming circuit.
If you don't already have it and you are interested in that war, and this scale, you owe it to yourself to acquire it, if not for the game, surely for the OOB encyclopedia which comes with it.
The game comes with an editor!
Steve Menzies (Guest)
What Can I Say?
Great game. If you're looking for a game that only requires you to breathe and kill anything that moves while looking for a plasma gun and "health points" then this game is not for you. SPWW2 is not only addictive it DEMANDS that you use your brain as well. Not only will you be doggedly pounding your keyboard as you attempt to ward off a Japanese banzai charge or trap a Tiger Tank in a planned ambush, you'll find yourself researching items while not playing this game in order to conquer one of the nearly countless scenarios that you have access to (and this is on the downloadable version!). My best advice on this is make sure you have nothing to do before playing this game because you'll find yourself engrossed and before you know it three hours will have passed away before you even realize it. Great game.
Found: 15
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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