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Total Eclipse: The Adventurerís Forge

Total Eclipse

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Price: US$7.95
Availability: Immediate.
Shipping: Can ship worldwide.
Version: PDF Book
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Total Eclipse: The Standard ManualView (+ US$4.95)
Total Eclipse: The Virdean GazetteerView (+ US$7.95)

  Tabletop Game: Pen and Paper
  Genre: Role-playing gaming system
  Type: Turn-based
  Recommended Players: 4-8
  Scenario creation
  Packaging: PDF Books only
  Developer: Disrupted Gears
  Designer: Steve N. Jackson

The Adventurerís Forge allows Total Eclipse players to create a character in the fantasy genre. Think of it as a playerís handbook, detailing how to create a character, the various races, goods and equipment, spells, and more.

Character creation is almost a game unto itself, allowing even the most non-imaginative player to bring to life a wonderfully detailed and creative character. Characters come to life during the creation phases by being more than a series of statistics. Everything from family history (ďThe adventurerís family was slaughtered by undead.Ē) to advantages (ďAt one with the mountains.Ē) to disadvantages (ďRude to wait staff.Ē) is decided through a series of rolls that in the end give birth to a living, breathing multi-dimensional adventurer just oozing with substance.

It wouldnít be a fantasy game without the ability to play different racial types and players will find numerous non-traditional choices in The Adventurerís Forge. Set in the official Disrupted Gearsí campaign world of Virdea, races range from reptilian humanoids to undead to fey. Of course humans are present, but even the humans stray from being vanilla thanks to nine sub-types.

Skills and special abilities are discussed, and a complete listing of spells is included. The system is not class-based, but mechanics for using archetypes, which are psuedo-class like (but more akin to joining a medieval order) are included. Finally, goods and equipment are detailed, along with a brief word about religion in the world of Virdea.

If you tire of the standard Tolkein-esque fantasy campaign and want to experience adventuring life in a unique setting, The Adventurerís Forge is your first step towards a new freedom in role-playing.


♦  352 pages, single column format perfect for portable devices. Black and white.

♦  Ownership of The Standard Manual is necessary to use this product!

♦  Create a rich, fascinating character with the guided character creation rules.

♦  Discover the unique races of the world of Virdea. Be a magic and sword wielding Woldurno, a Forlorn troubadour, or more.

♦  Full equipment listings and goods.

♦  A complete system of magic spells from the benign to the malevolent.

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