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Total Eclipse: The Standard Manual

Total Eclipse

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Price: US$4.95
Availability: Immediate.
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Version: PDF Book
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  Tabletop Game: Pen and Paper
  Genre: Role-playing gaming system
  Type: Turn-based
  Recommended Players: 4-8
  Scenario creation
  Packaging: PDF Books only
  Developer: Disrupted Gears
  Designer: Steve N. Jackson

Once upon a time, way back in the dark ages of the 1970s, tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) introduced gamers to a fantastic new way to play games. No boards were needed, and the rules were kept to a minimum when compared to the increasingly complex world of conflict simulations. Taking place entirely in the playersí imaginations RPGs opened up endless worlds of adventure.

Over time the bliss of the early RPGs began to fade. Rulebooks began to look like textbooks on advanced statistical analysis. Role-playing turned to roll-playing. The rule lawyers, munchkins, and mix-maxers began to dominate.

The Total Eclipse role-playing system from Disrupted Gears brings back the wonder and excitement of old school gaming wrapped up in a modern package. Designed as an open ended system, The Standard Manual is the core rulebook that all other Total Eclipse books use as a foundation.

The Standard Manual includes rules governing characteristics of an adventurer (both attributes and skills), experience and rewards, the rules on the usage of skills and tasks, extensive combat mechanics, and an introduction to the concept of role-playing for those new to the style.

An easy read, newcomers to the hobby and returning veterans will find Total Eclipse to a breath of fresh air in world of derivative rulesets. Total Eclipse uses its own mechanics, and features a unique style that really allows characters to shine. A class-less system, players are free to design characters as they want, making it easy enough for gamers to base their characters off any possible source imaginable. Experience is awarded on a gradual, but continual, scale. This creates a sense of steady advancement without creating god-like characters. Combat uses a morale system that allows fast paced combat style that feels logical without making it complex.

The Total Eclipse system is available in electronic format and has been specifically designed to make reading on smart phones, tablets, or e-readers an enjoyable and hassle free experience. While designed for gaming on the go it works just as well on standard computers.

Bring the role-playing back to your table! Discover (or re-) the sheer joy of the art of imagination with Total Eclipse, the open ended RPG system that fires up the imagination without bogging it down with obtuse mechanics.


♦  87 pages, single column format perfect for portable devices. Black and white.

♦  Tabletop pen and paper RPG. Players and dice needed.

♦  Core mechanics for the Total Eclipse system.

♦  Skill-based characters allow infinite character ideas.

♦  Unique morale hit point system allows realistic combat resolutions, not endless grinding.

♦  Emphasis on role-playing instead of a tactical board game that just happens to have some RPG mechanics tacked on. Micro-advancement leveling. Constant minor advances allows a sloping level of power, instead of the usual flat plane and sudden spikes.

♦  Great system for all levels of tabletop RPG experience, from never played to White Box players.

♦  Universal system allows any genre to be gamed.

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