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Total Eclipse: The Virdean Gazetteer

Total Eclipse

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Price: US$7.95
Availability: Immediate.
Shipping: Can ship worldwide.
Version: PDF Book
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Total Eclipse: The Standard ManualView (+ US$4.95)
Total Eclipse: The Adventurerís Forge View (+ US$7.95)

  Tabletop Game: Pen and Paper
  Genre: Role-playing gaming system
  Type: Turn-based
  Recommended Players: 4-8
  Scenario creation
  Packaging: PDF Books only
  Developer: Disrupted Gears
  Designer: Steve N. Jackson

The Virdean Gazetteer, when combined with The Adventurerís Forge, allows gamers to venture forth into the world of Virdea.

Virdea is the official setting for the Total Eclipse fantasy campaign. A setting that dates back to 1980, it is a fully detailed campaign world ready to be experienced. .The Virdean Gazetteer describes the geography of the lands, the history, culture, and even provides a language map.

More than just a world setting, The Virdean Gazetteer includes rules and information necessary to run a typical fantasy campaign. Extensive treasure tables, magical item lists, even disease and poison are discussed. The treasure tables are probably the best to ever grace a RPG, with tables broken down intelligently. No wolves carrying around great swords for loot here!

A bestiary to pit players against is included, along with a starting sandbox setting and several introductory adventures. The sandbox, a town called Altamonte, is the perfect introduction to the world of Virdea and will provide players with hours of campaign play.

The Virdean Gazetter is your key to a realm of magic and mystery!


♦  229 pages, single column format perfect for portable devices. Color and black and white.

♦   Ownership of The Standard Manual is necessary to use this product! The Adventurerís Forge is highly recommended.

♦  Combination world setting and refereeís guide.

♦  Geography, cultures, languages of Virdea detailed.

♦  Loot tables, magical items, disease, poison included.

♦  A bestiary of beasts (including the two-legged variety) from bandits to zaurochs.

♦  A focused look at the town of Altamonte, perfect for starting sandbox play.

♦  Several short adventures ready to be run.

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