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Annette Brooks

Where can I find help with winSPMBT and winSPWW2?

  1. The Game Manual
    This is an HTML on line document which you read via your Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. (We also refer to this as the "Game Guide" or GG). There are several routes to opening this document.

    • On the Windows Start menu for the game there is a shortcut entitled "Game Manual". Click on this.
    • When the Game Options programme is displayed, choose the Help tab. The one with the helicopter on it. On that tab, press the Game Manual link.
    • For those who prefer - navigate to the \game notes folder under the main WinSPMBT folder. Find the spmbtguide.htm file and open that.

    The HTML Game Manual has hot links to the various sections in the left hand frame. Suggested useful ones to start with are:

    • Introduction
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Playing WinSPMBT-Tutorial
    • Game Play Notes
    • Main map Window (and subsequent sections through to Game Ending)

  2. Text-based help screens
    When playing the game, there are text based help screens to provide an overview of the basic functionality in that game screen. In most game screens, the shortcut for the help screen is the "?" key, or a button with a red "?" icon. Some screens may have a regular text button entitled "Help".

    The help screen has the following sections (available via buttons at the right of the screen):

    • Main Help - the overview of the help system.
    • Game Help - the help for the game play screens (i.e. after the deployment screen).
    • Deploy Help - yhis is for the troop deployment phase.
    • Editor Help - help for the scenario and map editors.
    • PBEM help - some help on PBEM procedures.
    • MapGen help - notes on the random map generator.

  3. Late breaking read-mes
    Any additional information which may not have made it into the manual can be found as text files in the \Game Notes sub-folder. Currently, only Screen_Shots.TXT.

  4. Learning the Game System
    We provide a tutorial scenario and a structured walk-through of this in the online HTML Manual and, if you have the CD edition of the game, the tutorial walk through is printed in the "Getting Started with WinSPMBT" introductory guide. We recommend all new players to at least read through the tutorial walk through since it covers the basic game functionality. Such as "how do I move into a hex with other troops in it" and "how do I load passengers into a transport" etc. Use the Playing WinSPMBT-Tutorial hot link in the HTML Game Manual.

  5. Tuning your Machine or Game
    Please refer to the following sections of the Game Manual:

    • Running WinSPMBT - for how to set up game options via the Game Options control panel application (scroll speed, windowed or full screen mode etc).
    • Tuning Your Machine - About setting up your hardware etc.
    • Preferences screen - For tuning game-play options.
    • Scenario Editor - To learn how to modify or create scenarios.
    • User Campaign Editor - To learn how to link togeter your scenarios as a User Campaign.
    • Customising WinSPMBT - for detail required to hack or modify the game data.

  6. Mobhack data editor
    Mobhack HTML help is available through the Help button on the main page of the programme, or the help menu item. It is also available through the Game Options control panel, on the help tab.

    NB - Although some game mechanics details are mentioned in the Game Manual, the Mobhack help file has more of the "nuts and bolts" type detail that some gamers may want to read, even if they are not planning on modifying OOBS themselves. Skim through the "Units tab", "Weapons Tab" and (possibly) "Formations Tab" sections of the Mobhack Help for game internal mechanics details.

  7. Our forums!
    If you cannot find the answer to your question in the supplied game help documentation, the next place to look is this forum. Spend some time browsing the threads here to see if your query has already been answered. If it is a common question, it most likely will have been. You will also find stickied threads for tips on running winSPMBT and winSPWW2 on Vista.
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