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Timothy Brooks

I just purchased War Plan Pacific and loaded the game onto my computer. Everything seemed to go fine until I clicked on the icon to start the game. A message immediately popped onto the screen that said "WPP has stopped working.” Now what?

It sounds as though some of the supporting programs are not installing. Please try the following:

If you are running Vista SP1 or later or Windows 7 or later, please run the following from the folder where you unzipped your downloaded file or from the game CD:

  • vcredist_x86.exe
  • xnafx20_redist.msi
  • direct\DXSetup.exe

If you are running Vista RTM, install the XNA framework 3.5 from Microsoft located at:

and then run the same files under Vista RTM above.

If you’re running on XP, try installing:

  • Netfx20sp1_x86.exe
  • xnafx20_redist.msi
  • direct\DXSetup.exe
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