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Newest World Supremacy Patch Addresses Multiplayer Quirks!

Newest World Supremacy Patch Addresses Multiplayer Quirks!
Version 1.06 Patch Ready For Download!

Cary, NC, 19 January 2011

From deep within the lair of Malfador Machinations springs forth a new patch for World Supremacy, the game of modern global conquest published by Shrapnel Games.  Bringing the retail game to version 1.06 this patch addresses primarily multiplayer issues.

World Supremacy 1.06 contains the following changes:

  • Fixed - Access Violation error would occur sometimes when "Starting nations are contiguous" was unselected.
  • Fixed - Games played with non-US settings would have strange combat effects.
  • Fixed - The AI would sometimes process forever if it no longer had any land territories.
  • Fixed - Game over wold occur if a player had lost all regions but still had sea units.
  • Fixed - In a Hotseat game the human players after the first would have more starting money.
  • Fixed - In a Hotseat game if a player after the first saved the game once reloaded it would be the first player's turn and they would not be able to select any units.
  • Fixed - In a multiplayer game sometimes players would not be able to see their own territories.
  • Fixed - In a multiplayer game a player who did not have the selected map would not get the proper error message.
  • Fixed - In a multiplayer game sometimes the game would become dissynchronous between players.
  • Added - Additional window sizes for a Windowed game.

The version 1.06 patch can be downloaded from the official World Supremacy product page by going here:

World Supremacy, developed by Malfador Machinations and published by Shrapnel Games, is available as a download for Windows for only $29.95. 

World Supremacy is a beer and pretzels turn based strategy game of world conquest.  Using a variety of weapons of war up to eight players battle for supreme control of a randomly generated world.  Conquering regions fuels the economy of your conquest, and a streamlined research and development tree provides plenty of choices for the tools of triumph without bogging the game down.  Blitz with armor units, land troops behind enemy lines, control the skies with fighters, and when all else fails send up the nukes. 

Thanks to World Supremacy's player set variable game creation each game is brand new, and is able to be tailored to the experience you, as a player, specifically wants.  Additionally, the game is easily modded, allowing new maps, unit types, and more. 

A demo for World Supremacy is available at the link above, along with a multiplayer map pack.

Be sure to peruse the entire catalog of award winning independent strategy and niche titles available at  Our latest releases include World Supremacy and Bronze, recently reviewed in PC Gamer with a 80% rating. 

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