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Allow the Universe to be Your Sandbox with Approaching Infinity!
Allow the Universe to be Your Sandbox with Approaching Infinity!
The Much Anticipated Science Fiction Game of Infinite Possibilities Releases Today!

Wilmington, NC, 15 December 2014

Galactic Gamers everywhere are vigorously rubbing their hands together and excitedly cracking their knuckles. The anticipation is over! With great fanfare, Shrapnel Games is pleased to announce the release of Approaching Infinity from developer Ibology.

Approaching Infinity is a single-player, turn based graphical sci-fi rogue-like game set in a unique and truly infinite universe. With rich retro-graphics provided by David Gervais and a full original soundtrack by ectogemia, Approaching Infinity immerses the gamer in an intergalactic drama of exploration and adventure. This is a game of planetary investigation, starship battles, diplomacy, crafting, commodity trading, bunny petting and so much more.

The amount of adventures one can have is limited only by the player's desire. Within space itself asteroids can be mined, pirates evaded or destroyed, SOS beacons discovered, and so much more. Your starship will encounter planets, drifting derelict starships, and alien embassies. Planets can hold treasure or death (or both). Away teams can discover ancient artifacts, explorable caves, or zombies in the darkened corridors of a floating hulk. There are twelve alien races to interact with, each with their own histories and quests.

Full modding support means that Approaching Infinity is really Approaching Infinity Plus. Enjoy creating your own favorite sci-fi franchise, all without the need of coding experience. A Modding Guide is now available on the Official Approaching Infinity Product Page:

While there, modders should also download the Shipwreck Level Editor. Design devious deathtraps or tantalizing treasure troves!

Approaching Infinity is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, both as a download and as a physical product. Please order today by going here:

For all the information on Approaching Infinity, including a demo, head over to its official product page: