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Annette Brooks

Quite some time ago I bought a downloaded game from your store but my computer crashed and Iíve lost the game.  Is it possible to obtain another download link or is it too late?

If your game is out of print:

Our past policy was to allow one additional download per game.  If the game is out of print and was out of print before 2010 we may still be able to honor our old policy, depending on our license agreement.  Please contact customer support.

If your game is still in print:

With the implementation of our new storefront in March, 2010 we now offer an extended download service.  If you need the assurance of being able to download beyond the initial download period of your purchase, then you will need to purchase this service for your game or games.

Of course making a backup to CD is allowed by your license agreement and is the preferable method of protecting your game against hard drive crashes.

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