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winSPMBT: Main Battle Tank v.17 Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.79
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Found: 24
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Anon (Guest)
Best game ever
Really great rendition of the old SPII. Wide range of OOBs, good historical accuracy, hundreds of scenarios, lots of customizability.
Jens (Guest)
Stuck in it for many years
Paderborn (Guest)
winSPMBT has timeless appeal!
Going all of the way back to Steel Panthers in its original DOS-based rendition I've loved the game in spite of its shortcomings. winSPMBT (contemporary Steel Panthers) in Windows format has eliminated all of those original bugs and quirks and that, combined with more of everything results in a game that I frankly can't ignore. For those who enjoy modern-day tactical combat involving individual units all the way up to battalion level forces I highly recommend this absolutely superb game!
Best war game ever
Anlubue (Guest)
Seit Jahren auf meiner Festplatte.
georgesedlak (Guest)
A really beautiful game
Like it's sister game WinSPWW2, this is the answer to the prayers of board gamers who can't find the time and opponents to play a good game, thanks.
Noah Baudie (Guest)
dated graphics, uneven realism, but entertaining
AI is improving. Graphics are dated (holy 1993, Batman) but quite usable.

Designers have lavished vast effort on stuff like desert and snow camo versions of many vehicles, yet the system usually does not automatically use them when scenarios take place in desert areas or on desert maps. You can go into the MOBHACK tool and set these--but by the time you've done that, Shrapnel Games has come out with a new version of the game, time to start over, grumble grumble. Last time I looked I was amused to see not one but multiple desert camo versions of the Soviet T64 tank--which was only deployed in East Germany. I suppose that's a little historical joke from the artists.

Anyway, it's fun to tinker with as much for the historical and modern stuff as for the what-ifs you can play with. Like, what if the US, or other Western powers, had upgraded the 1950s-era jeep-with-recoilless-rifle with thermal sights and laser rangefinders and modern advanced HEAT rounds into the present day, instead of replacing them with guided missiles? What if the replacement for the jeep-with-106mm recoilless rifle had been a HMMWV with a 120mm recoilless rifle? What if the Germans had kept their old PzJgK/90mm WWII-style tank destroyers in service into the 80s and 90s, but upgunned them to 105mm or 120mm and given them modern fire control systems? What if the M551 "Sheridan" had been replaced in the 80s with another light tank, specs of which you can enter yourself? Or what if the Sheridan were still in service in the 21st Century, with appropriate upgrades, perhaps used in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Others may complain, and it's not wholly invalid, that air power and artillery are seriously nerfed here and infantry has been highly buffed in the name of play balance. But then the game is "Steel Panthers," not "Steel Rain from Above that Instantly Wipes Out All Effective Resistance and Makes the Enemy's Stuff All Retarded."
Jim (Guest)
I've followed Steel Panthers from the beginning and SPMBT is clearly the best!
My only complaint is not knowing if the current SPMBT CD includes the most recent patches. I just purchased another SPMBT CD after having done so when it first came out and was disappointed to see that it is not current on patches.
earl2385 (Guest)
Been playing for yrs, & it just keeps getting better!
I have been playing Steel Panthers ever since the first ver many years ago, i have yet to have been disappointed, and that's a lot coming from a navy vet. Keep up the good work!
Mateo ward (Guest)
good game
this game is good it should all was be up date it with more stuff =)
Found: 24
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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