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winSPWW2 v.17 Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 5
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Found: 19
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DaveinPortland (Guest)
One of the best!
So I bought this game many years ago and have been looking for another copy for modern computers for awhile. I just found this and have been playing it almost non-stop for a week. I was impressed with the quality then, now as someone a little older, the detail and historical accuracy is just amazing. Plus it is very cool that you can create your own maps, units, campaigns, etc
Radio (Guest)
A comprehensive and detailed look into the warfare of the early 20th century.
If you pick up WinSPWW2, you will be able to reinact hundreds of historical battles, and in addition, any number of custom scenarios and alternate history campaigns. The interface is relatively simple for a war-game of this depth, and its mechanics allow for detailed engagements and can be chained together into full campaigns with attrition, reinforcements, assaults, beach landings, close quarters jungle combat, brutal urban firefights, tank duels and more.
Champagne (Guest)
The base design back in 1995 was excellent. It was intended to be the computer version of Advanced Squad Leader by Avalon Hill (a board wargame). The improvements up to today have been outstanding. Quite realistic and quite a lot of attention to detail went into the product that we have today. There's a place for SPww2, despite the existence of Battlefront's Combat Mission. CM doesn't cover the complete range of WW2 tactical actionl SPww2 does.
coltom (Guest)
Everyone should own the CD version..great enhancements to a great game
I already said it all. To repeat...great game.
Saxon (Guest)
Best game I've ever played - seriously!
If you like turn based wargaming, this game is for you.
Gamer (Guest)
Epic game!
Epic game! Super historical accuracy!
Great Game
Micro armor on your computer.

Great looks, detailed OOBs, easy interface and huge maps; what more can you want in a WW2 tactical game?
Gantowisa (Guest)
Great game!
The amount of details and customization is outstanding. Everything that one could possibly think of has been considered and dealt with.
Never in the history of wargaming has so much been done with so little by so few.
George Sedlak (Guest)
The best of the best.
Don't know where to begin, been wargaming for 50 years, this is the only game I play now. the great support for this game is just icing on the cake.
Jivemi (Guest)
Perhaps the best WWII tactical wargame extant.
Ever since Avalon Hill's Squad Leader, the concept of replaying the grim business of tactical combat--from the safety of an armchair, of course--from the mid-Twentieth Century has intrigued historical gamers looking for realism in a turn-based medium. This is about as good as it gets.
Found: 19
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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