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Greg (Guest)
A fantastic strategy game for everyone
A wonderful game that has strategic elements similar to Go and Chess. Games are generally short but require strategic thought to win. Simple rules but difficult to master. The AI is very good! I have never played a game quite like Bronze and it is highly recommended.
Deadmeat1471 (Guest)
A brilliant game inspired by an excellent board game
A simple, quick, but very difficult and exceedingly fun little game. Its easy to learn but hard to master, with a lot of historical information and attention within.
A good variety of scenarios and an instructive tutorial makes the game both easy and fun to get into.
The graphics are attractive and work well, while not being CPU intensive. They do also smack of Tigris and Euphrates the board game, which is an added bonus. It looks and feels like a quality transition of the board game T&E, with the developers own interesting and well thought out twist to it.

I give it 4/5, only because there is no multiplayer apart from hotseat so far. Otherwise it would have been an easy 5.
Found: 2
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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