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Announcing World Supremacy From Malfador Machinations And Shrapnel Games!

Announcing World Supremacy From Malfador Machinations And Shrapnel Games!
The Next Great Strategy Title From The Creator Of Space Empires!

Cary, NC, 31 August 2010

Everyone wants to rule the world but actually doing so tends to be a tad difficult.  The rest of the world has armies, navies, air forces and sometimes even nuclear weaponry.  You, you have a potato gun and a tennis racket that needs to be restrung.  Good luck.

If you can't conquer the world in real life you can at least conquer it on your PC.  Shrapnel Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming game of global death and destruction, World Supremacy, developed by Malfador Machinations (developers of the universally acclaimed Space Empires series). 

World Supremacy is a Windows beer-and-pretzels strategy game of contemporary conflict for one to eight players.  In World Supremacy players have but one goal: total global control through utter annihilation of all who oppose.  Control is derived from conquest and the tools of conquest are many; land, air, and sea.  And when you care enough to send the very best you can even say hello to your foes with a well placed nuke or two. 

In World Supremacy the game world is created fresh for each game with players choosing a variety of settings to tailor their experience.  While this means that initially one cannot fight over already familiar territory  mod makers will be pleased to learn that any type of map can be created.  Want to fight over the real world?  Middle Earth?  The world of the Destroymen series?  Create and conquer. 

The weapons of war are instantly recognizable, from modern armor to jet fighters to hunter/killer submarines.  Each type of unit can be upgraded up to three levels through a streamlined research process.  Even nuclear and neutron weapons can be found in World Supremacy.  Battles are fought on a fast playing tactical map, allowing players to flex more than just their strategic muscles.  Combat is a do-or-die proposition.  Once you attack only one side will be left standing so be sure to bring enough hardware to the fight.

Coming from the developer of the Space Empires series, which was well known for its mod friendliness, gamers will find that World Supremacy is open to mod making.  Combined with the random set up of games and the ability to have up to eight players at once ensures that World Supremacy will be a highly replayable game. 

Fans of classic light strategy titles will find a lot to like in World Supremacy.  Mechanics are easy to grasp and a wide variety of strategies can be applied.  Fighting tactically means that it's not enough to bring a whole stack to the fight, knowing how to use that stack will be the key to victory. 

World Supremacy currently has no specific release date but is undergoing beta testing, and has a projected general release date of later this year.  It will be available for Windows with a price yet to be determined.  For more details about the game please visit its official product page at:

And for the finest in independent niche and strategy games be sure to visit us at for our complete catalog of both free and premium titles.  From fantasy to sci-fi to one of the largest offerings of modern warfare titles on the PC, Shrapnel Games since 1999 has been publishing a wide variety of exciting and often award-winning titles.


Malfador Machinations launched itself onto the gaming scene through the shareware days of the mid-nineties, releasing the sci-fi 4X title Space Empires II in 1995 (Space Empires I was never publicly released) to a very positive response.  Since then several subsequent Space Empires titles were released, along with a trip to the fantasy genre with Dungeon Odyssey.  Malfador Machinations is based in Santa Rosa, California. 


Shrapnel Games was formed in 1999 in direct response to the mainstream publishing world's shunning of the war and strategy market in the world of retail.  As one of the early publishers to exist solely in the online world Shrapnel Games has proven that gamers still want games that require more than just a quick trigger finger.  Shrapnel Games is based in Cary, North Carolina.

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