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Approaching Infinity Update!

Approaching Infinity Update!
Gold and Release Dates Set!

Wilmington, NC, 10 November 2014

Are you ready for the next exciting game of turn based graphical sci-fi rogue-like space exploration? Prepare to lose yourself in a universe of endless gaming. It is with great excitement that Shrapnel Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release date of Approaching Infinity from developer Ibology.

Projected Gold Date: Monday, 24 November 2014
Projected Release Date: Monday, 15 December 2014

Approaching Infinity allows the universe to be your sandbox. Explorer, pirate, mercenary, trader, or perhaps a mixture, the where and why of your adventures is entirely up to you. There are multiple victory conditions that allow a hard win, but there is also simply the sense of satisfaction of your own five year trek across the stars.

Approaching Infinity will be available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, both as a download and as a physical product. Currently Shrapnel Games is taking pre-orders for this hot new game. Pre-order before December 1, 2014 and save! Please pre-order by going here:
For more information on Approaching Infinity, including a demo and video of a first time playing, please visit its official product page:
You can discuss the upcoming release of Approaching Infinity at the Shrapnel Games Forums here:
Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "This game has garnered an overwhelming amount of interest since its announcment just 3 weeks ago. The press is contacting us in great numbers to get on the review list for this exciting game. We are also very pleased with the pre-orders we have received to date. The idea of this game is just as fun as actually playing it."

Be sure to visit Shrapnel Games at for future news on Approaching Infinity and all our other products. And while you are there, take a look at our Veteran's Day Wargame Sale Event running through November 13th.

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