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Timothy Brooks

Your demos are blocked from downloading and when I override it and attempt to open them I receive a warning about an unspecified security threat. What is it referring to?

Some anti-virus programs will issue that warning when they do not recognize the site from where you are downloading as a trusted source. Many of our demo's are mirrored on third-party game sites such as Worth Playing and File Front. You may like to try downloading from one of those rather than ignoring the warning. In most cases, if the demo is mirrored, you will find links to those below our demo download link. If you don't see a mirror listed, contact our online customer support center with the titles you would like to try, and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

Let us just say, our site is secure as any on the internet.  All files available to the public are tested for viruses.  Unfortunatley these type of security warnings happen all to often (security settings in your browser can have a huge impact on what is considered secure) and usually are not a determination of whether a site is secure or not.

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