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winSPWW2 Mini-Upgrade Version 4.25 Unleashed!

winSPWW2 Mini-Upgrade Version 4.25 Unleashed!
Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Hampstead, NC, 20 April 2010

Like a fine wine Camo Workshop's winSPWW2 just gets better with age.  Always evolving, always improving, winSPWW2 is a dynamic system that shows what happens with a game when the people behind it love it as much as the fans who play. 

The latest improvement comes by way of a mini-upgrade patch.  Bringing both the free and Enhanced versions of winSPWW2 to version 4.25 the patch, as the name implies, is not the typical full blown patch yet it still brings all kind of awesome to your game.  Feast your eyes on the contents of the version 4.25 mini-upgrade patch:

4 revised scenarios and 2 revised scenario text files
10 new or revised photos
1 new icon
36 updated OOB fles
2 revised graphic files

  •  Reworked code to correct erroneous error messages appearing when playing basic security PBEM.  This was the primary raison d'Ítre for the patch, the rest is gravy.  Sweet, thick, gooey game changing gravy.
  •  Various OOB corrections that include:

    - Nimbus MC added to the Blue OOB.
    - M24 Chafee front turret armor set to 4 in all OOBs.
    - Russian 152mm artillery reorganized with corrected photos, stats.
    - Boyes AT rifles range increased to 13 to give them more correct penetrations at various ranges.
    - Bazooka and panzerschreck accuracy reduced to 4 and now match accuracy values in winSPMBT and better reflect their actual performance.
  •  Further corrections to ensure all units and weapons of the same type have the same ratings from OOB to OOB.
  •  New infantry flame graphics added.

If you are currently involved in a secure PBEM game DO NOT upgrade your game as the game will fail if applied.  Both parties should wait until the game is over and then upgrade.

The patch, weighing in just under two megs, can be downloaded directly from the official product page for winSPWW2 and Shrapnel Games:

All upgrades must be applied in order so if you're reading this release and thinking to yourself that 4.25 sounds a lot higher than the version you're currently playing be sure to grab your missing patches from lowest to highest. 

winSPWW2 from developer Camo Workshop and publisher Shrapnel Games is the ultimate turn-based game of tactical combined arms warfare found on your PC (it should be noted that it has been played successfully on both Mac and Linux machines but is NOT officially supported on anything but Windows).  Featuring literally hundreds of scenarios, a number of campaigns, and the ability to create your own games (either randomly or hand crafted with the editor) winSPWW2 is a complete game system that would take years of daily playing to go through.  Of course with regularly released upgrade patches adding new content on a continual basis it's possible to never reach the end of fresh content.

winSPWW2 is available as a both a FREE download and as a Enhanced retail product.  The free download is full-featured with the same core content as the Enhanced product.  All upgrade patches work with the free version.

The Enhanced winSPWW2 sells for only $39.95 and is available as either a physical product shipped to you or as a download.  The Enhanced version is the same exact game as the downloadable free version but features the following enhancements:  higher resolutions up to 1600x1200 (full screen or windowed), cut and paste map editor, 250 secure PBEM save slots, encyclopedic sorting, ScenHack and CampaignHack utilities, and a printed quick-start guide (physical product only).

Read more about winSPWW2 and download the free version at  While there be sure to check out our many other free games available for download including winSPMBT, the companion game to winSPWW2, which takes the system from post-WW2 to the near future.  Shrapnel Games, home to great award-winning independent strategy games since 1999, also has a catalog full of titles sure to please the digital conflict gamer.

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