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Annette Brooks

Why does your store say my credit card is declined?

We are not given the exact reason when a charge is declined.  For that you would need to contact the card-issuing bank.  But here are some common reasons for a decline:

  • The billing address entered does not match the address the card issuing bank has on record for you.
  • The expiry date is entered incorrectly.  The date should be entered as four digits with no slashes or spaces.  For example, 24 October 2007 should be entered as 1007  (mmyy).
  • The account number is entered incorrectly.  Please be sure you are entering all sixteen digits from the front of your card with no spaces or hyphens between sets of numbers.
  • The three-digit code is not correctly entered in the AWS or CAW field.  This three-digit code is found on the back of your card.
  • The card-issuing bank does not allow international internet purchases.  You would need to contact your bank to verify if this were to be the case.

If you continue to have trouble, we do also accept payment via PayPal or mail in check (US only) or money order payable in US dollars.

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