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Bronze's Alex Kutsenok Talks With Three Moves Ahead!

Bronze's Alex Kutsenok Talks With Three Moves Ahead!
Bronze On Sale To Commemorate The Occasion!

Cary, NC, 05 January 2011

Recently the lead developer and founder of Dreamspike Studios, Alex Kutsenok, sat down and spoke with the fine folks at the podcast Three Moves Ahead.  Three Moves Ahead is the preeminent strategy gamer's podcast, chock full of intelligent discussion and wonderful insight provided by blogger extraordinaire Troy Goodfellow and his ever-changing roundtable of gaming's finest journalists.  If you are a strategy gamer Three Moves Ahead should be your first and only podcast destination.

The illuminating interview can be listened to by checking out episode 97, available for download here:

Hopefully after listening to the interview if you are not already the proud owner of Alex's hit game, Bronze, you'll want to become one.  To help facilitate this Shrapnel Games is happy to offer Bronze at a specially discounted price for a limited time.  From now until January 14th, Bronze can be purchased for only $26.95 (retails normally for $29.95).

Awarded the Editor's Choice award at Gaming Nexus, and earning a praiseworthy 7 out of 8 at Out of Eight, Bronze is a smart, fast playing, casual puzzle/strategy game rich in content.  Featuring twelve historical civilizations that sprung up around/near ancient Mesopotamia, Bronze includes ten campaign games set in three eras of the Bronze Age, an exciting survival game mode with twelve randomized campaigns, and the ability to create custom matches.

Primarily a single-player game, though supporting up to four players in hotseat mode, Bronze casts the player as leader of one of twelve civilizations.  Each civilization boasts its own strengths and weaknesses, which are all derived from their actual historical elements.

Gameplay is, as the cliché goes, easy to understand but hard to master.  The object of the game is to control the most land on a scenario's map.  Land is controlled by building Mining Villages, Palaces, Bridges, Farms, Armies, and more (there is a total of ten construction types).  Each building has a different impact on the playing field.  Additionally, each civilization can have a different way of implementing the buildings, meaning a strategy that works for the Elamites may not work for the Mitanni. 

The ten campaigns gradually increase in difficulty so that by the time the final campaign is played the player is a master of his own domain and ready for everything else Bronze has to offer.  Survival games feature taking one civilization and attempting to fight off other civilizations in a succession of maps.  A single loss sends the player back to the beginning.  Custom games can be set up using a number of variables and are perfect for a quick match.

Bronze is available for Windows as a download.  To find out more about this exciting title and to download a demo please visit its product page found here:

Bronze is being discounted 10% until January 14th.  

For more of our titles please visit us at  Be sure to peruse our entire catalog of great independent strategy games, such as Malfador Machination's latest release, World Supremacy.  Look for other great games in 2011.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form:

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Keywords: Bronze, strategy game, puzzle game, empires, civilization, land conquering, Dreamspike Studios

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