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Presenting Bronze From Dreamspike Studios And Shrapnel Games!

Presenting Bronze From Dreamspike Studios And Shrapnel Games!
New Ancient Historical Strategy Title On The Horizon!

Cary, NC, 22 September 2010

Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers lie the ancient lands known as Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization (pretty sure it's called that because the earliest Sumerian writings mention beer circa 4,000 BC...mmmmmmmmm, ancient beer).  It was a land that saw mighty empires rise and fall, as civilizations struggled to carve their places in history for all time, be it by blood or plow.  It was an exciting time, and one perfect for the world of strategy gaming.

Shrapnel Games is excited to present the upcoming new Windows strategy title from developer Dreamspike Studios, Bronze.  Bronze is a unique take on the conflicts of the Bronze Age, an exhilarating game of empires and expansionism.

In Bronze players rule one of twelve historically accurate civilizations, from the Akkadians who forged the first empire in the Early Bronze Age, to the warlike miners of the Elamites in the Middle Bronze Age, to the diplomatic Mitanni in the Late Bronze Age.  Each civilization is unique, with strengths and weaknesses based on what is known about these civilizations today.  As such, players will find that each civilization requires its own strategy to win.

While Bronze is all about conquering the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, it is not your standard consim.  This is not a game of building stacks of armies to crush your foes, but rather a carefully crafted game of land conquest, almost puzzle-like in its execution with a hint of Eurogame. 

In Bronze the object of each scenario is to acquire the most land.  This is done by the construction of Farms, Ziggurats, Armies, and more.  Each civilization has access to a different set of buildings and acquires them at different prices.  As an example, Sumerian Armies are quite expensive while Gutians gain their Armies for free.

Bronze offers players an impressive amount of gameplay challenge.  First, there are the ten campaigns set in the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze Ages.  Each campaign features multiple civilizations of increasing difficulty to play, as you lead your chosen people to conquer the known lands using a strategic map that is slowly uncovered as you win tactical battles.  Next, there is Survival mode, in which you take one civilization and see how long it can last against a multitude of foes.  Finally, you can create your own custom matches and tournaments, and even play Hotseat against three other players. 

From a mod standpoint Bronze is open enough that someone could alter many aspects of the game with a simple text editor, right down to creating new maps.

Dreamspike Studios' Bronze offers players a unique take on conquering the known world.  Each scenario plays quickly against demanding AI opponents.  The variety of the civilizations means that players must consider their varying strengths and weaknesses in determining how to combat them.  The custom game allows limitless replayability once the campaigns are finished.  The combination of puzzle-like strategy and Eurogame sensibility is perfect for a wide range of gamers.  With Bronze firmly rooted in reality, thanks to Dreamspike's love for the ancient era, players will even end up learning something!

For more information on Bronze please visit its official product page:

Currently in final testing, Bronze will be available for Windows with a price and release date to be announced.  A comprehensive demo will be released before the full product.  Watch for news releases from Shrapnel Games announcing these milestones in the near future.

To check out our complete catalog of award-winning titles of independent excellence please visit us at  Featuring games that challenge sensory conventions like BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity to epic games of war and strategy goodness like War Plan Pacific and Dominions 3: The Awakening, our eclectic selections offer something for everyone.

About Dreamspike Studios

Dreamspike Studios is a game development company based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are a group of talented artists and designers led by a sister-brother duo. They specialize in making unique and truly challenging strategy games that are like nothing else out there. They have been entertaining gamers since 2008, and Bronze is their most ambitious effort to date.

About Shrapnel Games

Founded in 1999 by industry veteran Tim Brooks in response to the shunning of the consim market by mainstream publishers, Shrapnel Games was one of the earliest publishers to take to an online-only approach.  Starting small, eleven years later we are pleased to continue to offer gamers choices outside the mainstream  that are some of the most exciting and addictive games you'll ever play.

Keywords: Bronze, strategy game, puzzle game, empires, civilization, land conquering, Dreamspike Studios

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