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Air Command 3.0 Airport Expansion Pack
Price: US$19.95

Version: Windows Download


Availability: Immediate.
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  Expansion Pack: Windows
  You Must Own Air Command 3.0 to Use this Expansion
  Availability: Download only
  Developer: Joe's Games
  Designer: Joe Jaworski

Time to expand your horizons! With the Air Command 3.0 Airport Expansion Pack you get a crack at 34 of the toughest airports in the world (listed below).

As you can see, this expansion covers airports from all over the world (and even some other worlds!), including Europe, North America and the US, South America, Middle East, and the South Pacific. In addition, these airports have been designed to appeal to both the novice ATC as well as the expert!

The expansion pack installs seamlessly over your existing installation of Air Command 3.x. The original 10 airports remain intact and you get an additional 34 new airports to give you almost 3 1/2 times the enjoyment - literally hundreds of hours of game play!

Berlin, Germany
Cairo, Egypt
Copenhagen, Denmark
Frankfurt, Germany
Kansas City , KS
Memphis, TN
Munich, Germany
New Zealand
Osaka, Japan
Pumpkin City
Salt Lake City, UT
Seattle, WA
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo Bay, Japan
Buenos Aires
Cape Canaveral, FL
Edwards AFB, CA
Feline County
Hawaiian Islands
Manila, Philippines
Melbourne, Australia
Moscow, Russia
New Orleans, LA
Oklahoma City, OK
Phoenix, AZ
Rio de Janeiro
San Diego, CA
St. Louis, MO
Tampa, FL
Toronto, Canada

Windows Requirements
Processor Pentium
Memory Minimum 16 MB of RAM required
Hard Drive Space Minimum 4 MB required
CD ROM Minimum 6X
Operating System Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
Sound Card Windows compatible


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