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Air Command 3.0
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Put Some More Boom In Your winSPWW2 Experience!

Put Some More Boom In Your winSPWW2 Experience!
New Version 4.0 Upgrade Now Available To Download!

Hampstead, NC, 17 December 2009

This year it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice because Herr Feldmarschall Kris Kringle is delivering the best Christmas gift a winSPWW2 player could want: a new patch of pure awesome that upgrades the game to version 4.0. And you don't even have to wait until December 25th to unwrap it!

The fine gents at Camo Workshop have once again crammed the upgrade patch with plenty of content to satisfy all your tactical wargaming needs. For starters, here's the breakdown of general changes found in the version 4.0 patch:

22 new scenarios
52 revised scenarios
6 revised campaigns including the ANZAC campaign
96 new or revised photos
29 new icons
36 updated OOB files
40 new or revised text files
4 revised sound files
17 revised graphic files
Upgraded ScenHack, MOBHack, and Cost Calculator

All good, and frankly if this was any other game the patch would probably stop with the above. But this is a Camo Workshop upgrade patch so there's still lots more. Highlights of some of the additional content includes:

A new explosive class has been added. Bring a new level of carnage to the battlefield with booby traps, demolition charges, and fougasse. Booby traps represent mainly anti-personnel weapons, demo charges can be used to destroy bridges and buildings, and fougasse is a goose liver dish banned in Chicago. Wait, that's foie gras. Fougasse is a remote controlled barrel of flaming death. Cool!

Pesky infantry hiding in a building? Blow it up and see what happens now. Buildings that collapse on folks will have the chance to grind said folks into paste. Previously there was no test for casualties in the situation.

A tank turning its hull to face an enemy firing will no longer turn the hull directly 90 degrees, increasing the angle of attack for the shell (and thus increasing the tank's survival chance).

Passengers dismounting from a vehicle in a minefield will now be tested to see if they set off a mine. Previously the only test was for the vehicle when it entered the hex. This is why when you see a sign saying "Minen" it's best not to break out the pogo stick.

All OOBs have had every unit and formation trimmed back to 12/46 where the OOB still existed in 1946. All OOBs have been checked for units that started before 1930 and the few that were found have been corrected to 1930.

There was an extensive comb through of the weapons list done to correct deviant and erroneous entries. All weapons of one type should now have the same stats in every OOB they are listed.

Now for something really cool. Two development programs will be added to your winSPWW2 folder: ArmourCalc and APCalc_WW2. ArmourCalc allows a user to enter armour thickness and the angle. The application then calculates the resulting game statistic and spits it out. APCalc_WW2 reads the weapons data in each OOB and displays the potential armour penetration at various range increments for AP and sabot.

Finally we conclude with the standard, "And much more!" And yes, there are more additions/revisions/corrections. Once the patch is downloaded check your digital manual for a complete list of changes.

You can download the version 4.0 upgrade patch here:

Please note that all patches must be installed in order, so if you skipped out on the last patch make sure to grab that and install that first. The version 4.0 patch is of course compatible with all versions of the game (free and Enhanced).

winSPWW2 is a fully upgraded and upgunned modification of the SSI classic Steel Panthers series. Developed by Camo Workshop (whose history stretches back over a decade) and published by Shrapnel games, winSPWW2 is the classic tactical wargamer's dream title.

Featuring combined arms warfare from 1930 until 1946, the game literally boasts hundreds of scenarios to keep the armchair tank commander occupied for a very, very long time (and with the ability to create your own scenarios add another very to that last part). In fact, with the latest added scenarios the count is now over 400 scenarios. Even if you only play one scenario a week it would take you nearly eight years to play them all! For gamers looking to experience sturm und drang without the need for tabletop space or tackleboxes filled with counters, winSPWW2 fits the bill nicely, whether playing against the computer or a human opponent.

winSPWW2 is available either as a FREE download or purchasable as an Enhanced Edition (which itself is available as a download or a physical CD). Wait, if there's a free version why pay for play? Well, it's not called Enhanced because it responded to those spam emails everyone gets. The Enhanced Edition offers players more options for secure tournament play, more robust map editing, higher resolutions, and more. Check out what the Enhanced Edition provides on the same page as where you found the upgrade patch.

Be sure to also check out winSPMBT, which takes the system from post-WW2 up to 2020. For more information on that game, or any of other superb military strategy titles such as War Plan Pacific and Air Assault Task Force please visit

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form:

To visit our company blog go to:

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