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H-Hour For The 2017 WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT Upgrade Patches!

H-Hour For The 2017 WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT Upgrade Patches!
Let's Make Turn Based Tactical Wargaming Great Again!

Wilmington, NC, 3 March 2017

Twenty tons of metal mayhem thundering from our servers to your computer, crushing all false wargames, Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games raises once more the crimson flag of glory with the 2017 WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT upgrade patches! Unleash a storm of new content, revisions, and bug stomping that will leave you breathless. Clear your calendar and plunge into the fire of the most intense tactical wargaming available on your PC!

The WinSPWW2 upgrade patch updates the game to version 10.0 while the WinSPMBT version updates that game to version 11.0. These patches are applicable to both the FREE and the Extended CD versions. Owners of the Extended CD version will be excited to hear about some of the new features that are only available for you, so be sure to keep on reading.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the upgrades it's time for that annual public service announcement. DO NOT apply the upgrade patches while in the midst of a secure PBEM game as the game will fail. You have been warned.

As to be expected, both patches add plenty of additional content to the games. So, by the numbers we have the following bits of greatness...

WinSPWW2, upgrading to version 10.0 includes:
20 new scenarios, 17 revised scenarios, and 2 revised campaigns.
4 new maps.
134 new or revised photos.
36 updated OOB files.
73 new or revised vehicle/aircraft icons.
135 new or revised icon and terrain graphic files.
3 revised text files, 71 campaign text files.
7 new or revised sound files.
7 new terrain sets, 10 revised terrain sets.

And WinSPMBT, updated to version 11.0 has:
15 new scenarios, 6 revised scenarios.
10 new or revised map files.
77 new or revised photos.
176 new or revised vehicle/aircraft icons.
93 updated OOB files.
138 new or revised icon and terrain graphics files.
6 new or revised text files.
2 revised picklist files.
18 new or revised sound files.
7 new terrains, 10 revised terrains.

While all of the above is nothing to sneeze at there is also the long list of bug fixes, enhancements, new features, and more. Being a press release and not a Wiki we won't delve into everything, but we will highlight some of the more interesting changes that will have you wanting to hit that download button as soon as you can.

Bug Fixes!

A PBEM campaign bug has been corrected where games that should have ended went on even when there was no enemy activity.

The "phantom crews" bug in long campaigns have been corrected.

(WinSPMBT) Long range SAMS with extremely long minimum ranges were not engaging incoming aircraft or those that were performing stand-off attacks, this has been fixed.

New and Cool!

Nations that signed the Ottawa Land Mine Treaty will not longer be able to purchase and place mines in defense after 1999. Additionally, nations that signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions will no longer have cluster munitions in their game OOBs after the date the ban was put into effect by the signatory nations.

Units that manually turn to face a new hex may now draw opfire (based on a number of variables). No longer will players be able to be gamey and freely rotate units to present their best defensive facings without any form of repercussion. Turn and perhaps burn now!

A scenario info button has been added to the gameplay screen, allowing players to know the scenario battle location once the game is underway.

Some of the revised terrain include: summer trees totally redone, beach sand totally redone, reworked autumn trees, denser orchards for summer, autumn, and winter, very light snow now replaces winter grass, and more.

(For Extended CD owners) Don't have Borland Paradox? The .DLLs that Scenhack uses to sort scenarios have now been included.

(For Extended CD owners) SAM and AAA will save shots on low-probability shots. Also, when using vehicles in building hexes a warning message will ask for confirmation so you don't need to call AAA from a rubble-stuck M1A2.

(For Extended CD owners) A new unit sorting routine groups formation types together in a more logical way that makes finding formations in the purchase menu easier.

(For Extended CD owners) New way to do maps! After choosing the "Fill Range" enter a number up to 255 (the entire map) or less. After this a new query will appear, asking for either Block Fill or Splatter Effect. Block Fill provides a solid mass of terrain while the Splatter Effect controls the percentage that is covered, allowing the ability for the map creator to gradually build terrain.

Additionally, instead of right-clicking the mouse and adding a cluster of 7 hexes of terrain to the map at a time you can change the right-click to utilize the same function as the fill range to create a variety of ranges and densities for terrain when right-clicked. Essentially right-clicking almost becomes a terrain air-brush when used with the new Splatter Effect code that allows a user to make varied, but realistic, maps much quicker and easier than before. Check out some of the examples in the forum.

And of course, as they say on TV, there's much, much more! You can check out the complete list of changes by visiting the respective forums:

Wot's new in WinSPWW2:


But really, why wait to read about them? Just download them already!

WinSPWW2 Version 10.0 Upgrade Download Link:

WinSPMBT Version 11.0 Upgrade Download Link:

WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT are the officially sanctioned extensions of the classic SSI game, Steel Panthers. Begun as a super-mod they have essentially evolved to the point that they are practically all-new games. While recognizable the inner workings have been continually worked upon, creating the ultimate turn-based tactical wargame. Wargamers can battle from the '30s until 2020 in literally hundreds of scenarios, a massive number of campaigns, and unlimited play with random set ups and user crafted scenarios and campaigns. Single player and multi-player is supported, with a strong community supporting the games. Continually upgraded, WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT are the last wargames you will ever need on your hard drive.

WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT are available as COMPLETELY free downloads, but are also available in premium Extended CD versions that provide gamers with a wealth of tools available only to the Extended owners. NOTE: In order to give new CD owners the very latest version, the physical Safebox product of both games is currently on backorder, but will be available very soon. The download Extended CD Version is updated also and is available now.

Be sure to visit for more great games!

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